A Little About Me:

Hi, thanks for landing here. I am Jennifer, a photographer and have a business specializing in portraiture for the last 5+ years. I also teach others photography through video topics. I started my interest in manual photography back in the dark room ages. Art and photography has always been a part of my life. Most of my work concentrates on taking pictures of families, events, and individuals. If you have a specific need, ask me because I'm flexible and like challenges! My family is located here in Michigan, a great place for pictures because of our beautiful seasons here. (winter snow, spring rain, fall leaves, and summer greens) I have a husband, son, and a Goldendoodle dog, who is currently my best friend! In addition to photography, my professional background includes 15 plus years in the classroom, a Bachelor of Fine Arts (fine arts / graphic arts) and a Masters in teaching. In my spare time, I spin, create art, and lead online marketing companies; makeup, skin care and nails. Feel free to check out my links.

Thanks for taking the time to read about me. My goal is to continue to do professional photography for you! If you schedule a session with me, I promise it's easy for you! I do everything after you book with me including: meeting you at your desired location, taking photos, editing photos, uploading photos to a gallery, and professional print production. The best way to reach me is the contact me tab. I will get back to you as soon as I can.

I look forward to meeting you and taking your photographs!

Some Testimonials:

I appreciate my clients and I love that they acknowledge my creativity and devotion for photography. A few people shared about their experience with me. From their reviews, I am professional, fun, knowledgeable and timely. One of my favorite parts of this business is creating sentiments for you that you can cherish for a lifetime! Thanks for valuing me and my business!

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together. Vincent Vangogh

Creativity is contagious - pass it on! Albert Einstein”