Teaching Instruction: Topics from the Heart by JM Photography

$20 each

A new extension of JM Photography is her topic sessions on Photography and what she has experienced in regards to these topics. This will be available June 1, 2021. Stay tuned for topic learning opportunities at $20.00 each starting in sequence. You will learn more about her as a photographer, her experiences with photography, and photography topics in general. Payment of $20 needs to be made before entering topic video. At the end of each topic video you will you can receive a handout of "something to think about" or "practice" section. Each video and handout is only for personal use and can't be copied or given to anyone else.

Topics from the heart of JM Photography:

Dark Room ages to DSLR

Best Way to Take Care of Your Camera

A Better Strap for the Camera

Lenses to Use for Portrait Photography

Manual VS. Automatic Mode

Flash VS. Natural Light

Buttons on My Camera

What is F-Stop?

What is Shutter Speed?

What is ISO?

The Exposure Triangle

Picture Perfect Exposure

Why Is My Picture Blurry?

Grainy Vs. Sharp Photos

Picture Planes - "falling off the plane"

Why Are Only Some Of My People In Focus?


Programs To Use With Photography

Enhancing Photographs Post Production

Posing People


Props and Pops of Color

Get to Know Your Client

Do I Need A Watermark?

How to Add a Watermark

Outdoor Vs. Indoor